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Limiting Beliefs & Negative Patterns

 Limiting Beliefs

Negative Patterns

When it comes to changing our lives, it's essential to look at our default patterns and beliefs. We need to be able to release the negative beliefs and patterns that wreak havoc on our lives and hinder our dreams.


Where do these Patterns and beliefs come from? Form life!

If you compare life to a walk in the forest or a hike in the mountains, you can easily imagine stopping for a refreshing drink of water...only to look down at your pants and find them covered in burrs.  Where did they come from, you wonder? Emotions, negative patterns and limiting beliefs have a tendency to show up like that too. We don't always see them coming. Not everything comes from an all-out traumatic experience. Sometimes, they come from comments, criticism, someone's careless remarque, or a situation that might appear to be, "Not that bad."

One way to tell how they might impact our lives is by how we react to them.

What do these Limiting Beliefs and Negative Patterns look like?

  • I'm not good enough

  • I can't make it work

  • I am insignificant, invisible

  • I'll never fit in

  • My life is a struggle

  • I am powerless

  • I'll never be loved or wanted

  • I'm flawed

  • I always finish last

  • Abundance is not for me

These are only a few common ones you might be carrying.  Want to identify and release your limiting beliefs and negative patterns? It's easier than you think. 





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