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E-Motions and Abundance

Emotions are nothing more than Energy in Motion.

All energy has a frequency, and we attract a match to whatever vibration we put out into the Universe. 

Energy in Motion

Have you ever made a vision board, taped positive affirmations everywhere, spent hours meditating or listening to music to try to raise your vibe? Were you frustrated when you failed to manifest the things that you wanted? What if I told you it was not only possible, but easier than you think?

First, lets talk about vibration. Imagine that the top of this diagram indicates how open you are to Source energy. When you vibrate at the higher levels, you are completely open to and in sync with this creative energy, but when you are hanging around in the lower energetic realms, you've not only restricted the flow of Source energy, but what you are attracting into your life will match those lower frequencies. 

Enlightenment          700+

Peace                         600

Joy                              540

Love                           500

Reason                       400

Acceptance                350

Willingness                310

Neutrality                  250

Courage                     200

Pride                           175

Anger                          150

Desire                          125

Fear                             100

Apathy                          75

Guilt                              50

Shame                           20

When you meditate, visualize, express gratitude and such, you raise your vibration. But if your body is filled with negative Trapped Emotions, or Limiting Beliefs, the moment you stop meditating and such, the frequency you'll be emitting will be much, much lower. Think about it. For an hour a day, you're flying high, and that's awesome! However, as you get on with your day and your focus changes, the sum of your vibration is being broadcast out into the Universe, attracting people and experiences that match your vibrational frequency.

Ouch...  So, if you're magnetically attracting a life that matches your vibration, wouldn't you want to aim high? Releasing your Trapped Emotions and Limiting Beliefs is the fastest, easiest way to not only raise your vibration but to access abundance in every aspect of your life.

Abundance, or the lack of it, resonates exactly with your energetic frequency.  When you free your Trapped Emotions and Limiting Beliefs, you automatically raise your frequency and align yourself with abundance.

That's what all these floating orbs represent, the freeing of your trapped emotions. And if you were wondering about the snowflakes, take a few minutes to watch this video. In less than five minutes, this video will show you why it's important to mind your thoughts and words.


Thoughts and E-motions have a greater impact on your body and your life than you may have realized. As Mike Dooley said, "Thoughts become choose the right ones."

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